Online Dating: When Should I Ask Him On A Date?

Online Dating: When Should I Ask Him On A Date?

Since you were matched on a dating app, chatting with him has been a blast.

Topics have been eclectic and enjoyable to discuss.

The conversations flow without a hitch.

It has been about a week and you know you are ready to see him in person.

This is where the question of when you should ask him out on a date comes to mind.

Although you thought about waiting on him to ask you on a date first, you have since realized that you are open to doing it first.

Here’s the good news.

You can ask him out right now.

There have been several conversations between you already.

It’s never a good idea to keep conversations going with no end in sight on a dating app.

It makes it likelier the conversation fizzles out and he moves on to someone else.

Dating apps are filled with distractions.

He is receiving matches right now as you are reading this.

Any of these matches could distract him the moment his conversations with you grow stale.

Next thing you know, he isn’t responding to your messages as quickly, and inevitably, he stops responding completely.

As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to meet up with a match in person within a week or two of opening a conversation with them on a dating app.

This reduces the risk he gets distracted and loses interest.

That being said, it is preferable that he asks you out first.

Guys are genetically wired to chase the girl.

Nevertheless, being that you are using a dating app, there is a probability he is someone who is being overly cautious about asking you out too soon.

A guy like this is playing it safe.

Like lots of guys on dating apps, he worries about turning off a girl by asking her on a date too soon.

He worries that a girl would unmatch with him if he were to ask her on a date too soon, drawing a false conclusion that he is only in it to sleep with her as soon as he can.

Given the possibility that this is the type of guy you are dealing with, asking him on a date isn’t a bad idea.

Nevertheless, you mustn’t get into a routine of doing it.

Supposing he agrees to this first date, you have to leave it to him to ask you out on subsequent dates.

Never be the one who is doing all the asking.

A girl who does this becomes the aggressor.

This makes it harder for the guy to take her seriously and court her properly.

He leaves it to the girl to make the dates happen, which means that she is the one who is initiating conversations too.

A guy in this position has a propensity to take advantage of you, letting you do the work while he puts his feet up.

Sooner or later, he ditches you and moves on to a girl he deems is worth pursuing.

That leaves you deflated, having wasted weeks or months of your time.

A guy who is pursuing, is a guy who remains interested in you.