Why Are Some People Bitter In Their Dating Profile?

Why Are Some People Bitter In Their Dating Profile?

You have seen it ad nauseum.

Dating profiles of men that have phrases like, “Tired of being ghosted,” “Don’t waste my time,” etc.

It confounds you to think that a man believes these phrases make him an attractive match to a woman.

Yes, it is never nice when a person gets ghosted.

But surely, these men know that just about everyone goes through this in online dating if they do it long enough?

Why whine about it?

It just makes them come off as bitter and jaded, which isn’t attractive to any woman seeking a match on a dating site.

You are right.

A bitter guy isn’t attractive at all.

The men who leave these phrases in their dating profiles are wrapped up in emotion.

They aren’t thinking straight.

This normally happens after a buildup of failures in online dating.

As in real life, men on dating apps go through significantly more rejection and false starts than women do.

They initiate a greater number of messages to women.

This exposes them to a disproportionate risk of rejection.

When they do get a woman to respond to them, it’s a relief.

They talk for a while and everything seems to be going well.

He asks her out on a date.

She agrees.

Then she falls off the face of the planet.

She isn’t answering his messages, forcing him to do the unthinkable in sending her multiple messages that suffer the same fate.

Finally, he had succeeded in getting a woman to respond to a message he sent and this is where it ends up.

He is livid.

Not to mention, the last woman that ghosted him, did so at the date itself.

She agreed to meet him.

He showed up at the date and she never did.

For him, all of this ghosting has come to a head and he loses it.

He is emotional.

He wants this to stop.

Full of frustration, he updates his dating profile with phrases like, “Tired of being ghosted.”

He is in his feelings and isn’t thinking rationally.

As a random woman who happens to see his dating profile, you are turned off by what he wrote.

Stunned, you question what on earth he was thinking in leaving this phrase.

After all, as a woman who is turned off by it, there must be other women who have come before you who felt the same way.

You are correct.

If anything, these men lessen the likelihood of receiving matches when they do this.

No woman desires a bitter man.

Men like this are on the verge of giving up on online dating.

Perhaps, that is a good thing.

The less dating profiles you see with this much bitterness, the better.

But you have a role to play in facilitating the reduction of bitter dating profiles.

As a rule, be upfront with men you talk to on dating sites and never lead them on.

Men do go through a much higher volume of rejection on dating sites than women do.

The grownups take it in stride and keep moving, but there are immature men who break.

Don’t give these immature men an outlet for their bitterness through what they write on their dating profiles.

Never agree to meet up on a date when you have no intention to.

This saves you and so many other women the annoyance of having to see an abundance of bitter dating profiles.